Bru-Ray: Atlanta

Tons of Footage on Thrasher this week, catch up with it all right now 

The Big Dog flew down South and captured Grant, Raven, Raney and the homies decimating the Kennesaw park. There's more to this ATL excursion. This is only Part 1...
The crew dissects the unique moonscape at Grant's place and then they really cut loose and go warp speed on some gigantic concrete waves.
A good ramp session always involves skaters pushing each other, but this one gets wild. Grant, Raven, Raney, Plunkett and others do some sick transfers and wall-crawls. Thanks for the trip, guys.
Grant, Raven, and Raney continue their Georgian destruction with a scorching pit session. Fire Walk with Me...
It's been a full week of ATL with Raney, Raven, GT and the boys. Kick your feet back, crack an ice cold one and enjoy the ride-it's Yardsale time.

Lost in Transition Shirts & Stickers

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SOTY Naawwsty

Very Naawwsty indeed. 

Mixing serious skate missions with a raging vacation produces one hell of a good time. Here's Ishod's Skater of the Year trip including Koston, Grant, Brock, Piscopo, Brockel, Donnelly, and Perez.
The Ishod Skater of the Year party continues with more hot Miami moves before the whole crew goes to the Cayman Islands. And lastly, Ishod ends it with a pure street hammer. As seen in the April 2014 mag.

Dan Plunkett knows how to read

You might have seen Dan Plunkett read Thrasher in Stratosphere, but have you ever seen him read Thrasher in California? Now you can !  

Dan Plunkett just made the cross country move from ATL to the Bay Area. Before he even had a chance to unpack we showed up with a copy of the new SOTY issue for him to dissect.


Film & Destroy

If you not familiar with Post22 you really should check them out.  Out of North Carolina, they seriously support the East Coast scene, and they just put out a really great video online for free !

Watch it here and check out Stratosphere Team rider, Sam Buxton representing his home state. A    

Film & Destroy is a collection of footage showcasing the talents and personalities of some of the best skateboarders in North Carolina. The project is a collaboration between a group of local skaters and was made purely for the love of their home state. The video originally premiered on January 11th, 2014 at Five Star bar in Raleigh, NC. Visit or for more info.